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KM-23, 1900 Switzerland 1/2 franc, Berne mint (B mint mark); silver, reede edge; smaller mintage,... 1900 sandy3075
1901-B 5 RAPPEN 1901 echizento
1901-B 20 RAPPEN 1901 echizento
swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Lucern in 1901. Engraved by... 1901 Ian
Swiss Kantonal Schutzenfest in Hergiswil, Silver 45 MM engrabed Jean Kauffmann. 1901 WWKT
Swiss shooting fest Luzern by Hans Frei, Silver 45 MM. Mintage 7,000 1901 WWKT
Richter 879b, 1901 Switzerland Luzern shooting medal; silver, plain edge, 45 mm; matte uncirculated. 1901 sandy3075
Switzerland 1 Franc 1901B (5.00g / .835 Ag) 1901 Akdeveli
1902 Switzerland 5 Rappen 1902 Tiffibunny
Swiss Shooting Fest. Fleurier Kantonal Schiessen by Bernard Ulysee. Silver 45MM. 1902 WWKT
1902-B 20 RAPPEN 1902 echizento
Swiss Rappen 1902B Choice AU. Scarce this nice. 1902 HKMAL
Swiss Aargau Kant. Schützenfest Brugg, Silver 33 MM Mintage: 530 1902 WWKT
Swiss Winterthur Zurcher Kantonal Schutzenfest Medal by Huguenin. Silver 45MM. 1902 WWKT
1903-B 20 RAPPEN 1903 echizento
1903-B 5 RAPPEN 1903 echizento
10 Rappen (Copper-Nickel)Obverse; Head of Helvetia right, LIBERTAS on headband, CONFOEDERATIO... 1903 gm99
Swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Biel in 1903. Engraved by Holy... 1903 Ian
Switzerland 5 Rappen 1903B 1903 Akdeveli
Switzerland 10 Rappen 1903B 1903 Akdeveli