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Swiss Shooting Fest. Wohlen Aaraguer Kantonal-Schiessen by Franz Homberg,Silver 45MM. Mintage 529 1899 WWKT
10 Rappen 1899 Martin22
swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Yverdon, Vaud in 1899.... 1899 Ian
Swiss Kriens Kantonal Schuetzenfest Medal by Hugunin. Silver: 38MM. 1899 WWKT
Swiss Tir Cantonal Vaudois, Yverdon, Silver 45MM by Alfred Jacob-Guillarmod. 1899 WWKT
KM-26, 1899 Switzerland 5 rappen; copper-nickel, plain edge; average circulated. 1899 sandy3075
One swiss franc issued 1900 shiny almost on obverse 1900 elkhashab
Switzerland 10 rappen 1900-B 1900 pet
Swiss 'Vreneli' or 'Vrenelli' gold 20 francs were issued from 1897 to 1949, with a few breaks.... 1900 LawrenceChard
Swiss Shooting Fest Tir Cantonal Bernois St. Imier by George Hantz, Silver 45MM 1900 WWKT
1900 o.j. Swiss Schaffthausen Kant Schutzenverein Meisterschaft Medal. Silver 40MM 1900 WWKT
1900 o.j. (1960) Swiss Morgarten Pistolenschiessen Medal. Silver palted Bronze 50MM 1900 WWKT
Swiss o.j. Jets Hei Mer Medal. Gold plated bronze. 30 MM 1900 WWKT
Swiss o.j. 1967 Graubunden Bundner Schutzen Verband Medal by A. Nigg/Huguenin. Silver 50MM/48.2 gm 1900 WWKT
Swiss Vaud Lausanne Carabiniers de Lausanne Medal by Hans Frei/Ferdinard Hodler. Bronze 50MM 1900 WWKT
Swiss Zofingen Mitelscheizer Schuetzenfst Medal by Franz Homberg. Silber: 38MM 1900 WWKT
Swiss o.j. School Price Medal by JC Morkofer. Silver 43MM/29.56 gm.Obv:. Stadtwappen, including... 1900 WWKT
1900 o.j. Swiss Eidgenossenscharft A. L'Industrie, Aux Braux Arts Medal by A. Bovy. Bronze... 1900 WWKT
Swiss Canton, Basel, 17th Century, City View / hen with 4 chicks , Alitet Pro Tegit, approx 41... 1900 HKMAL
1900 o.j. Swiss Sir Jean Henry Dunant, Founder of International Red Cross Medal. Silver: 43MM.... 1900 WWKT