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1894 Switzerland 1/2 Franc 1894 Tiffibunny
1894 Switzerland 1 Franc 1894 Tiffibunny
Swiss Shooting Fest. Lausanne Tir Cantonal Vaudios by Jean Richard/Vuillermet. Silver 45MM.... 1894 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Thun Kantonal Schiessen by Franz Homberg. Silver 45MM. Mintage:1,452 1894 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Luzern Kant.Schützenfest. Engraved by Hugues Bovy. Obv: Knight in front of... 1894 WWKT
Swiss shooting medal in silver. Bern/ Thun in 1894 by Franz Homberg (1452 examples struck) 1894 Ian
Swiss Shooting Medal - Bern (Thun) 1894 1894 Ian
Switzerland 10 Rappen 1894B 1894 Akdeveli
Switzerland 20 Rappen 1894B 1894 Akdeveli
A piedfort Swiss silver jeton de presence struck in 1894 for the Swiss Life Assurance company `La... 1894 Ian
1894 Swiss Geneve Exercises de l'Arquebuse et de la Navigation Medal by Hugues Bovy. Silver:... 1894 WWKT
1894 Swiss Bern General Hans Herzog Medal by Charles Jean Richard/Louis Furet. Silver palted... 1894 WWKT
Switzerland 2 Francs 1894A (A=Paris mint) 1894 Akdeveli
KM-24, 1894 Switzerland franc, Paris mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge; one year when that... 1894 sandy3075
KM-26, 1894 Switzerland 5 rappen; copper-nickel, plain edge; Confederation, good very fine to... 1894 sandy3075
Shooting medal by Georges Hantz minted in silver for the federal shooting festival at Winterthur... 1895 Ian
Large (50mm) shooting medal by Homberg minted in silver for the Cantonal shooting festival at... 1895 Ian
Swiss Shooting Fest. Bellinzona Tiro Cantnale by Carol Carmine. Silver. 45MM 1895 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Soltothurn Kant..Schiessen Solothurn by H. Bovy/C. Amiet. Silver. 45MM.... 1895 WWKT
1895 Silver shooting medal / Winterthur, 45.3mm. 1895 HKMAL