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Swiss Shooting Fest Geneve Plainpalais. Silver 51MM. Mintage: 100 1892 WWKT
Swiss Geneva Officers' Society of Swiss Confederation Meeting Medal. Obv: General Dufour Statue.... 1892 WWKT
1892 Swiss-France Guard Massacre Centenary Medal by Antoon Schneyder. Silver: 60MM./96.8 gm.... 1892 WWKT
1892 Swiss Plainpalis Shooting medal. Bronze: 51 MM./81.86 gms. 1892 WWKT
Richter 808, Martin 432, 1892 Switzerland Glarus shooting medal; silver, plain edge, 45 mm; proof... 1892 sandy3075
Richter 808e, 1892 Switzerland Glarus shooting medal; bronze, plain edge, 45 mm; proof like... 1892 sandy3075
VF 1893 20 centimes,very nice for the date, probably hard to find in this sort of state 1893 ScottO
Switzerland 5 Rappen 1893B 1893 Akdeveli
Switzerland shooting medal, Zurich, 1893. Silver, 35 mm, R-1754, M-1044 1893 HKMAL
Bern Silver Shooting Medal. 45mm. 1893 HKMAL
Bronze shooting medal by Homberg minted for the festival at Biel in 1893. 800 minted in bronze 1893 Ian
Switzerland 20 Rappen 1893B 1893 Akdeveli
1893 Swiss Shooting Fast Westschweizer Biel by Franz Homberg, Silver 45MM. Mintage: 1,186 1893 WWKT
1893 Swiss Exposition Internationale de Philatelie in Zurich Stamp Medal by Hugues Bovy F. Silver... 1893 WWKT
1894 Switzerland 1/2 Franc 1894 Tiffibunny
1894 Switzerland 1 Franc 1894 Tiffibunny
Swiss Shooting Fest. Lausanne Tir Cantonal Vaudios by Jean Richard/Vuillermet. Silver 45MM.... 1894 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Thun Kantonal Schiessen by Franz Homberg. Silver 45MM. Mintage:1,452 1894 WWKT
Swiss Shooting Fest. Luzern Kant.Schützenfest. Engraved by Hugues Bovy. Obv: Knight in front of... 1894 WWKT
Swiss shooting medal in silver. Bern/ Thun in 1894 by Franz Homberg (1452 examples struck) 1894 Ian