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Ming Dynasty, Emperor Tai Zu, 'Hong Wu Tong Bao' 洪武通寶 10 Cash, rev. Shi Guang right and... 1368 HKMAL
Chinese Turkestan; Qian Long Tong Bao, 1 Wen, copper, 24 mm; Wushi Mint, Qian Long(1735-1796) .... 1774 Mcektam
Zhi Dao Yuan Bao (至道元宝) , 25mm, Gilt, Emperor Tai Zong (976-997), Northern Song Dynasty... 995 Mcektam
Perfect grade before Qin Ban liang,Zhou Dynasty,it has 34mm Diameter,weight 12G. -778 fong
Chia Ch'ing T'ung Pao. Emperor Jen Tsung (1796-1820) 1796 henry12
崇禎通寶 (Chong Zheng Tong Bao), 1 Cash, 26mm, Hand-carved, Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).... 1628 Mcektam
Chun Hua Yuan Bao (淳化元宝), Reverse: "Two Buddhas", Gilt Charm, 22mm, 4mm, 7g., Emperor... 990 Mcektam
平靖勝寶 (Ping Jing Sheng Bao), Reverse: 長勝軍 (Chang Sheng Jun), 26mm, 2mm, 8.8g., Gilt,... 1857 Mcektam
Hsien Feng Tong Bao (咸丰通宝), CASH, 24mm, copper, Kwongtong Mint, Qing Dynasty(1851-1861).... 1851 Mcektam
China 1/2 dollar 1932 - Yunnan Province, Republic Year 21 1932 pet
大漢通寶 (Da Han Tong Bao), Reverse:"Buddha Lohan picture", 42mm, 4mm, 27g., Gilt Charm,... 951 Mcektam
ONE FEN, Brass, The Republic of China Year 29. 中華民國二十九年一分銅幣。 1940 Mcektam
Biscuit/cake coin of Wang Mang (7 - 23 AD) Huo Quan (貨泉), 11g, 26.9mm, bronze. 14 HKMAL
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Emperor Wen Zong (1851-61), 'Xian Feng Zong Bao', rev. 'Boo i' left and... 1855 HKMAL
ONE CASH, Empire General. **SCARCE!** 宣統一文,己酉,總。 1909 Mcektam
China Kwong-shui 1875-1908 1875 gxseries
The North and South Dynasty/南北朝 (420-481 AD), Southern Dynasties (Song)/ 南朝(宋),... 454 HKMAL
得壹元寶 (De Yi Yuan Bao) , Reverse: Upper Crescent (Moon), 35mm, Bronze, Shih... 758 Mcektam
周元通寶 (Zhou Yuan Tong Bao), Reverse:Picture of "Buddha Lohan Tames the Tiger", Gilt Charm,... 955 Mcektam
One Chiao, 22mm, Aluminum, Provisional Government of China, ROC Year 31.... 1942 Mcektam
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