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Colored Rose from the Kunming Expo, Ag 1oz 1999 loei88
Ghost Tian Qi. Ming dynasty (1368-1644), Emperor Xi Zong, Tian Qi era (1620-27), Ghost 'Tian Qi... 1621 HKMAL
Yong An Wu Bai (永安五百), You Zhou Autonomous Region (900-914), 35mm, Gold gilded in bronze,... 900 Mcektam
TEN FEN (拾分), Nickle, Hua Hsing Commercial Bank, The Republic of China Year 29.... 1940 Mcektam
光緒元寶 (KUANG HSU YUAN BAO), 5 CENTS, Silver, Kiang Nan Province.... 1898 Mcektam
unknown date VF 7.2 kandareens, small coin with silver weight listed,i think it is a 10 cent 1889 ScottO
Emperor Zhen Zong, Xiang Fu Tong Bao 998-1022 998 echizento
He Zhou Xing Yong Shi Bai(和州行用使百), Reverse: “18th District Local 200... 1240 Mcektam
China 1898 Beiyang 2 jiao. Sadly holed otherwise a tough coin to find. Weight: 5.1g 1898 gxseries
天国 (Tian Guo), Reverse: 通寶 (Tong Bao), 36mm, 2mm, copper, Taiping Rebellion(1850-1864).... 1853 Mcektam
Northern Song Rebellion, Li Shun (993-995 AD), 'Ying Gan Tong Bao'. 4.2g, Iron, 23.66mm.... 993 HKMAL
崇禎通寶 (Chong Zheng Tong Bao), 5 Cash, 34mm, 2mm, Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).... 1628 Mcektam
第十九 (Di Shi Jiu), Reverse: "文許" (Min Hsu), Gilt Bronze, 40mm, 2mm, 17g., Qin Dynasty... -221 Mcektam
Hu-Peh $, very fine 1895 HKMAL
1976 5 Fen Aluminum... 1976 elverno
1oz Proof Platinum Lunar Dragon Coin. Mintage is 2000. 1988 pandausa
Dragon & Phoenix in the Sky, Ag 1oz 1990 loei88
康定元寶 (Kang Ding Yuan Bao), N. Sung Dynasty Emperor Ren Zong(1023-1063), 20mm, 1mm. Very... 1040 Mcektam
China Honan province 1912 50 cash. Scarce variety - instead of Honan, it says China on the... 1912 gxseries
Qing dynasty Guang Xu Tong Bao, Boo Jiyen, rev. concave star, 2.4g, 21.14mm, brass. Unlisted in... 1875 HKMAL
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