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Soviet China 1934 1 fen, very likely to be restruck in 1960s 1934 gxseries
Chang Ping 5 Zhu. Northern Qi Dynasty. 24.5mm Diameter. weight 4.9g 533 fong
Rare Tang Tong ban Liang variety C,Western Han has 24mm diameter,weight is 2.4g. -175 fong
China Canton Province Qing Dynasty GuangXu Ingot One Teal. QuangXu 31st Year, Silver 28 MM 1905 WWKT
Ban Yuan (半睘), State of Qin (250-220 BC) of Warring States, Rev.: plain and flat, 26-28mm,... -350 Mcektam
China, 5 yuan 1996. Tiger. 1996 Dok
China Hunan province 1912ish 20 cash. Weight: 10.5g. 1912 gxseries
Szechuan Province (四川省), Sikang Province(西康省):Brass 100 CASH, 28mm, ROC Year 19... 1930 Mcektam
China 1800s silver sycee ingot. Appearently it is from Guizhou province? Weight: 22.21g. 1800 gxseries
6 Zhu ban liang Western Han Dynasty 25.5mm diameter. weight 4.6g -186 fong
High grade Ping Yang spade coin,Yan Guo of Zhou Dynasty. -221 fongthomas
China Hunan Province 1912ish 20 cash. Struck in yellow copper. Weight: 9.8g. 1912 gxseries
500 CASH (伍百文), copper, Republic of China, 1927-1928.... 1927 Mcektam
嘉靖通寶 (Jia Jing Tong Bao), 42mm, 2mm, Reverse: 十一兩 "Shi Yi Liang", Emperor Shi... 1544 Mcektam
10 Yuan - Year of the pig - 31.1 g Ag .999 Proof - mintage 60,000 2007 spica
Northern Song Seal script (篆書) Sheng Song Yuan Bao (聖宋元寶) (1101-1106 AD) Zhong Guan... 1101 HKMAL
China 1942 1 jiao. Struck under Federal Reserve Bank of China. Weight: 1.23g. Nice condition. 1942 gxseries
Hui chang kai Yuan Tong bao rev Gui,made in Gui Yang,Tang dynasty,it has 23.5mm diameter,weight 4g. 845 fong
Yi Ji Jin Qian (義記金錢), Reverse: Li, 4 squares, 36mm, 1mm, 10g., Gilt Charm minted by... 1858 Mcektam
Gilt Charm, 40mm, 3mm, 26g.,... 1900 Mcektam